Mental Health A-Z: Alignment and Abundance

Alignment and Abundance

I’m going to take a word or two or phrase each day for the next 26 days. Today’s words are alignment and abundance. We have a huge shift going on in our world right now, we went from this hustle mentality of the more hours you put in and the less sleep you had the more you achieve, the more you were on your grind, and since COVID people want something different. Maybe I don’t want this 5000 square foot house maybe I want to live in an RV. Maybe I want to travel the world maybe just maybe I want more flexibility in my day.

When people had to work from home they shifted from this desire, this need, to get everything accomplished and done to creating balance and integration of their lives. They could go work on a  project, have a meeting, go cook dinner, have another meeting, get laundry and have another meeting and it was this beautiful integration of their responsibilities. It is so important to your mental health to be in alignment with what you want so that you can receive the abundance of what you’re looking for.

When you are in alignment with who you are and what you want to create the world of abundance of what you do desire. So if you don’t want to work 18 hours a day and you only want to work a solid 5; be in alignment with doing things on a daily basis to create your life of abundance. Look for things that you are in alignment with and make that shift so you can live in abundance. You can live the life that you really want, you can do and experience things that really motivate you.

Alignment and Abundance

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